Cheese of the Week: St. Agur with Housemade Salame di Ficchi

Rather than a traditional cheese plate, we feature a new cheese each week at the restaurant.  The current selection is St. Agur, a pasteurized blue cow’s milk cheese made in the mountainous Auvergne region of central France.  A scoop from the 2-kilogram octagonal cylinder of this mild, creamy, and approachable blue arrives to the table with slices of Sous Chef Matt’s housemade fig salame.

Dried figs are run in the food processor with reduced balsamic vinegar and almonds, then fashioned into logs with whole almonds to rest for a little over a week, and sliced to order.

Enriched with cream, St. Agur is a double-cream cheese (containing 60 percent butterfat) and is heavily-ribboned with mold veins that enhance its melt-in-your-mouth texture.

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2 responses to “Cheese of the Week: St. Agur with Housemade Salame di Ficchi

  1. Tried this last week and it was amazing. The flavor combinations of the mild and creamy blue cheese with the deeper fig and balsamic salame is inspired! Loved it – and I don’t usually like blue cheese.

  2. I loved this cheese when it was featured on the menu previously but the new accompaniments look to make it even better!

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