Hello My Name Is… Charles Bell, Director of Operations

Welcome to a new series on The Genuine Kitchen where you get to know a little more about our staff here at MGFD!  First up for our questionnaire, Director of Operations Charles Bell.

Name: Charles Bell

Childhood ambition: To be U.N. interpreter

Favorite dish at MGFD: Wood roasted double yolk egg with cave age gruyere, roasted tomato and sourdough crostini —  CRAZY FOR IT !

Most popular food prepared in your home:  LOLLLLLLLLLL Cold Pizza from Michael’s Genuine – with fingerling potatoes and bacon.

Wildest food ever eaten: Duck feet in Chinatown in San Francisco.

Favorite beverage at MGDF: Housemade Lemonade

Proudest moment: PLENTY!

Biggest challenge: Maintaining service standards.

Perfect day: On a cush chaise lounge on a quiet beach.

First job: Newspaper boy.

Ideal spot for your vacation home: On the beach in Hawaii.

Indulgence: Season tickets to The Metropolitan Opera in New York.

Inspirations: All of the great people in my life.

My life: Is HAPPY and BLESSED !!

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