The Back of the House Lexicon, Decoded

Housemade sausage: heard that!

To outsiders, the back of the house in a restaurant is like a foreign country with its own culture and laws… even language!  If you’ve ever sat at the food bar at MGFD and desired a dictionary, we don’t blame you.  Here’s a crash course in cook-speak so you’re in the loop for next time.

hammered = very well done
86’ed = none left in inventory
ass = asparagus
belly = pork belly
puss = octopus
big bird = whole chicken
finger = fingerling potatoes
heard that = understood the call (i.e. roger that)
swimming = it’s in the fryer
in the hole = it’s in the oven
on the fly = immediate priority
special needs = special requests
fire = start cooking (i.e. “fire a pizza”)
in the window = item is ready for food runners to pick up
working = item has been fired
under the fire = item is being “pushed” close to the fire for faster pick up
dead = item has sat in the window too long
burn and learn = watch out for hot stuff coming your way
free tattoos = same as burn and learn
in the weeds = playing catch-up

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