Lamb Stew Inspired by Cuisines of Africa

Sous Chefs Matt Hinckley and Thomas Tennant collaborated on a new lamb stew dish: toasted cous cous, local goose egg, pickled Teena's Pride beet stems, awaze (extra large/36). Matt has lived in many places across the globe, among them Zanzibar and Tanzania.

That stew is a variation of doro wat, Ethiopia’s national dish.  I believe it is called sega wat when it is made with lamb.  It is usually served with hard boiled eggs in it but I think that the over-easy goose egg is a nice twist.  “African food” takes a pretty bad rap.  People generally lump the whole continent’s cuisine all together which is unfair.  It is comparable to calling something “European cuisine,” rather than Italian, Greek, French, etc., not to mention accounting for the nuances within these, regionally.  Moroccan food is far different than the foods that you will find in South Africa; the Seychelles and Spice Islands of East Africa are wholly different than the coastal foods of western African countries.  Each country has its own unique flavor.  This dish has elements that are predominately from Ethiopia and Morocco.

— Matt Hinckley

2 thoughts on “Lamb Stew Inspired by Cuisines of Africa

  1. Thanks Hani! Those eggs were awesome! Thomas was tinkering around with your goat milk tonight trying to make butter. I still think that Home Depot’s paint shaker would give us the agitation that we would need. Plus, it’s a great story…

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