[VIDEO] MGFD Cart’s First Night Out

Toucan Sam may have had one thing right. Follow your nose was the catch phrase of the MGFD street cart’s first night out, during Art Walk in the Design District. With griddle fired and sausages sizzling, customers let aromas lead them to the southwest corner of 40th Street and Northeast First Avenue. Here’s what awaited… (Video number two is courtesy of guest Flipper, Harry Schwartz, Michael’s youngest. Watch out Scorsese. He did a great – no, impressive – job!)  See you again April 10; more details to come on the vending page

A Motley Cart Crew (left to right): Tamara Schwartz, Intern Daphne Robboy, Ali Lauria, Michael Schwartz, J&W culinary students Jean Paul (JP) and Derek, and Hedy Goldsmith.

2 thoughts on “[VIDEO] MGFD Cart’s First Night Out

  1. It was very nice. When are you having a DESSERT CART? My husband and I had dinner and got to taste the popcorn ice. I can’t wait for your pastry chef to sreve desserts during a gallery.
    Will that be next?

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