At the Bar with Bar Manager Ryan Goodspeed: Fischer is King

Fischer Amber Ale (France/6)

Like good wine, good beer goes hand in hand with good food these days — a philosophy to which MGFD Bar Manager Ryan Goodspeed adheres when he stocks the bar.  Ryan, who has been with the restaurant for two years, has consistently sourced unique brews on his ever-changing beer list — not unlike how Michael approaches the menu.  A walk in the beer storage closet reveals a collage of different bottle sizes, shapes, colors, and countries of origin — a veritable United Nations of Beer.

Here, Ryan discusses a recent and rare addition to the list, Fischer Amber Ale.

Currently from what I have been told, the only other people selling this beer is Total Wine. Loose bottles. Not even cases. Fischer Amber ale is a product of Alsace, France. Heineken France brews Fischer in the country’s largest brewery. The beer is light in color and body. The balance is near perfect with malts keeping bitterness at bay, hints of apple, and pear esters add to an effervescent, lingering finish. Low in alcohol (5%/12 oz.)

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