Chef Toys: Matt’s New Fish Knife and Pete’s Used Tomato Knife

Seki City, Japan is known worldwide for fine cutlery.  Each October, blade-obsessed chefs go gaga for its “Seki Outdoors Knife Show” when hot new releases hit the marketplace. Chef Matt, our resident knife collector, already has his eyes focused intently on a new Mr. Itou, to be released at this steel mecca’s spring show in April.  Hence, an opportune time for another installment of Chef Toys: Knife Edition.

The latest addition to Matt's forged family: Signed 210 mm Shikegi Deba-style fish knife (for breaking down big swimmers, hacking bones) made of Ao-Ko (Blue Steel #3) forged with iron. This one is from Kyoto, Japan.

These waves are actually Damascus, or folded steel.

Hardly a fair comparison, but isn't it fun to give Chef Pete a hard time about his $2 farmers market purchase? Regretfully, we don't have any specs on this used serrated number. Suffice to say it's the object of affection!

3 thoughts on “Chef Toys: Matt’s New Fish Knife and Pete’s Used Tomato Knife

  1. I am not sure if Itou will release anything at the next show. But it’s gotta be soon. The last stuff was released around Christmas time. I am hoping that he will make a knife like Pete’s. But maybe with a mastadon molar or hippo bone handle.

  2. The attention to detail on that knife is insane and the signature is a nice touch also. I clicked on the link above, but I can’t seem to find a place to purchase knives. Is the show over? How can I purchase? I must have one!!!

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