VIDEO: Street Cart at April Art Walk

Our second Art Walk appearance with the cart was a huge success!  The menu was 86’ed by 10:00 p.m., a good thing, but we almost wish we could have gone longer the vibe was so great! Nikki from Brownes & Co. kindly let us raft up to her store front and kept us entertained…  (I’ll take another pisco, please, with a side of blues!) In addition to running the show and handling the money, Ali brought her wooden kitchen trolley from home so that Thais had a veritable pastry station next to the cart!  It was the perfect place for a blow torch show for Hedy’s peanut butter smores.  Our student helpers JP and Derek returned to help Michael cook up and dish out the main and snack, while newbie John assisted Ali with drinks.  Ryan scored major points with his local passion fruit sweet tea.  We have got to post that recipe…  That tea was on point!  Well done all and see you next time!

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