Guess Who’s Going to the Cayman Islands?

Leilani hard at work!

Today’s a big day.  After months of planning, we are now beginning to transition Miami team members physically over to Grand Cayman.  The first to go –  at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon! – is our Sous Chef, and soon to be Executive Chef of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Camana Bay, Thomas Tennant.  Bon voyage!

Now that we’re rounding the corner into the home stretch of opening in the Cayman Islands, keep your eyes peeled on the blog for more about life and the culture there (did you know that only during this half of the year for daylight savings, Cayman time is one hour ahead of Eastern?)

We’ll also be posting the reflections of our Miami folks making the journey, both short and long term.  Let’s get the ball rolling with manager Leilani de Leon who is working very closely with general manager Charles Bell to open the restaurant! 

Currently, Charles Bell and I have been making sure we have all the necessary supplies to open the restaurant.  This includes ordering all of the front of house (FOH) supplies from matches to menu paper, all supplies needed in our office, and even little things like shuv-its and sparklers. We have been making sure all our documents are up to date, and adapting them for the Grand Cayman restaurant.  These are things like everyday paperwork, training materials, menu descriptions, etc. Once on Island, I will help with hiring, training, getting the office organized and of course working with Charles, managing the restaurant and the employees.
Our accommodations are being set up by the developer, DART.  I am looking forward to arriving on Island and meeting everyone that has helped us in set up and our new vendors.  Finally putting names to faces will be nice.  I can’t wait to see the restaurant after construction is finished and get everything in place.
I’ve traveled to tropical islands before but never lived and worked on one.  This will by my first trip to the Cayman Islands, so I’m not too sure what to expect.  Getting acclimated maybe interesting since it is a different country, but I’m optimistic and think I’ll manage ok.  Besides, I’ll probably be so busy I won’t be very aware of much other than work.  I think getting used to their way of life, customs and traditions will be very enlightening.  Although I will definitely miss my boyfriend, my pup, and it will be weird not coming home to them.  It will only be a for a few months and will be great learning experience.

2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Going to the Cayman Islands?

  1. Congratulation! I will look for you the next time I’m on a crusie to Cayman Isand. Have fun and think of those who you left behind> Andrea from Orlando Tech and your tax preparer in Orlando. Love and and again, CONGRATULATION!!

  2. I am sure you have arrived well, and are gettign adjusted, we have been missing each other I know you are doing fine and hardly working! God Bless miss you and love you!

    Your proud mother:-)

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