Hello My Name Is… Milouse Alcindor, Prep Cook

Milouse processes mini heirloom tomatoes.

Meet Milouse.   She could well be “mi luz” in the back of the house, a shining light that has been there since the beginning: 3 whole years!  This MGFD lifer seems to have boundless energy, always greets with a smile, and sure — I’ll go there — keeps the guys on their game!

Name: Milouse Alcindor.

Childhood ambition: Restaurant chef.

Favorite dish at MGFD: Mussles, steak, and chicken.

Most popular food prepared in your home: Rice, beans, and fried chicken.

Favorite beverage at MGFD: Water.

Proudest moment: Paying the mortgage on my first house.

Biggest challenge: Getting my first house.

Perfect day:  Pay day :).

First job: Waitress.

Ideal spot for your vacation home: New York.

Indulgence: Going to the cinema.

Inspirations: My dad.

My life: Single parent.

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