Studio b. Wine Pairings Dinner in Pictures, Part I: Preparation

Standing rib roast.

Stuffing squash blossoms.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Alys Beach.

Peeking into the vestibules...


Through the looking glass, Michael and Matt at work in the Studio b. kitchen.

It's all about the b.


These mushrooms turned into the best dish of the night.

Radishes, cucumbers, and ramps. Oh my.

Matt's knife, meet shallots. Rock back and forth. Repeat.

Radish + mandoline.

Ramps, processed.

Housesmoked bacon.


The squeaky wheel needs the grease.

Becoming linguini carbonara.

Throwing down the gauntlet on guanciale.

Ginger-garlic-soy marinated wild kingfish, caught locally in the Gulf by Chef Michael Schwartz.

Dredged in King Arthur AP, and fried up for family meal. Thanks Matt.

DIY crispy kingfish salad, shaved green cabbage/organic red and romaine lettuces, avocado salad (cilantro/tomato/lemon juice/s&p), kumquat puree/fried black sesame seed/soy/lemon/champagne vinegar/extra virgin olive oil/diced shallot vinaigrette, fried shallots...

Composed for consumption.

Handiwork with cremoso and piave vecchio.

Assorted sauteed baby heirloom carrots.

Local, wild, gaffed, and thrashing cobia carpaccio.

Cippolini onions off the stove.

Into the oven, and -- to be continued.

8 thoughts on “Studio b. Wine Pairings Dinner in Pictures, Part I: Preparation

  1. Love Love Love the photos and the passion behind both the stove and the camera…. I look forward to the next post… Those radishes and heirloom carrots.. wow!

    • Rebecca — Check out… That’s where chef and the other cooks sometimes get funny t-shirts. I’m pretty sure that’s where Michael got the Cole Slaw one! Good luck and take a picture wearing it for us if you get it!

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