Welcome Renata Herminio, MGFD Summer Intern!

We’re thrilled to welcome our second brand intern at MGFD who is starting today!  Renata Herminio grew up in South Florida and comes highly recommended by our spring intern Daphne Robboy —  In fact, they’re best friends!  Her diverse background will be a great asset to the team.  She has just been accepted to Miami Ad School to study art direction, having graduated from Emory University with a degree in Sociology, and a minor in Visual Arts.  Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Renata has lived and worked in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as Mozambique (where her mom and dad are originally from) doing field work for both NGOs and the government.  She is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese – and speaks a bit of Italian, too.  She loves cooking, and we hear has even compiled a handmade volume of family recipes, with another one in-progress.  So cool.  Welcome to the team, Renata!

Name: Renata Venichand Herminio

Childhood ambition: I wanted to be the next Vincent Van Gogh

Favorite dish at MGFD:  The Angus burger (of course!)

Most popular food prepared in your home: Bacalhau com natas (Portuguese codfish dish)

Wildest food ever eaten: Fried goat brain in India

Favorite beverage at MGFD: Soon to be one of the beers, I’m sure.  I’m looking forward to trying the Fischer Ale

Proudest moment: Graduation

Biggest challenge: Moving to Johannesburg

Perfect day: Beach+good food+family

First job: Project Assistant at AustralCOWI lda, Mozambique (Socio-economic research, HIV/AIDS and health, Water and Sanitation, Environment)

Ideal spot for your vacation home: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Indulgence: Ice cream and handbags

Inspirations: My mother, father, and sisters

My life: Exhilarating

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