Cheese of the Week: Get Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle, a pasteurized, soft ripened goat cheese from California, is the cheese of the week!

Double rinded with ash, this triangle of mysterious bliss has an earthy yet mild flavor and is served with berry herb salad (and grilled walnut raisin bread, not pictured) 8.

We're trying out a new camera and some different lenses this week, and look forward to making a permanent switch to digital SLR from point and shoot. What do you think of this Canon Digital Rebel XTi with Canon EF 50 mm lens?

5 thoughts on “Cheese of the Week: Get Lost in the Bermuda Triangle

  1. Cheese looks awesome. Can’t wait to try.

    As for the photo, looks pretty good. Not sure which 50mm lens you’re using, but it looks like you’re shooting wide open (f/1.4 ?). Lenses are never their sharpest wide open. Maybe try backing down to f/1.8 or f/2. Also looks a bit contrasty with blown highlights. Anything white is difficult to shoot because it’s highly reflective. You can adjust the contrast in camera, or use a clear white shower curtain or other see-through fabric over the window to reduce the intensity of the light (sun?).

    Good luck.

    • Thanks Douglas! Definitely was shooting wide open. A bit too much, but heavenly cheese gets a heavenly glow, no!? Thanks for the suggestions and I will absolutely be putting them into practice. I actually forgot I was so open and took the camera outside to get some outside shots. Result was all white. Doh. At least I know why, and now I just need to pay a little more attention. I’m just not used to being on manual, but I’ll tame this tiger ASAP.

  2. Heavenly cheese indeed. I would shoot on Aperture priority if I were you, instead of Manual, which is hard to control in sunlight. Aperture will make shutter speed adjustments for you and take some of the “work” out of it.

  3. Technically, focus is very important, and creative use of depth of field. Doesn’t matter so much whether it’s a point and shoot (with manual controls) or a DSLR. It’s the eye of the photographer!

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