Sommelier Eric Larkee’s Wine Country Diary: Days 1 & 2

In the vineyard with Brice Jones of Emeritus. Checking out some clone 828 Pinot Noir.

This week, Eric is taking a brief sojourn from his on-site preparations in Grand Cayman getting the new restaurant’s wine program online.  For good reason.  He’s visiting several California wineries that we’ve had on the Michael’s Genuine list for a while, and which will make their way onto the Grand Cayman list.

Meanwhile, holding down the fort in Miami, you may see that a familiar face, Scott Fuller, is taking on a new role as our assistant sommelier.  Congratulations to Scott.

Here’s Eric’s dispatch from days 1 & 2 in the wine country, in his pictures and captions.

Lunch at Dan Goldfield's house. His place is perched amongst the Dutton Ranch vineyards. Its wet and rainy out here but we went and saw some of the vineyards before tasting the wine. Dan says hello and that he will see us in the Caymans!

That's Sanchietti vineyard on that hill.

Looking out over Rued vineyard.

Young vines - Rued in background.

Emeritus Vineyard.

Nick, the Emeritus winemaker, in front of some wooden, open-top fermentors. They use these for the higher tannic grapes.

Top of the mountain at Kamen.

Volcanic rock soils at Kamen.

Looking west at Kamen. Biodynamic cover crop in the foreground.

3 thoughts on “Sommelier Eric Larkee’s Wine Country Diary: Days 1 & 2

  1. hey travel buddy…. i want to join you next
    trip to napa. looking forward to spending
    long days and nights with you while our other halves tough it out in miami.

  2. Eric,
    It was a pleasure to have you along on such a great trip, but next time we will have to find a navigator that doesn’t get car-sick looking at maps.

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