Uncorked: Emeritus Pinot Noir

Sommelier Eric Larkee came to me last week with a request.  The Emeritus Pinot Noir had to be blogged.  It’s a great wine, but not new to our list — so why now?  He explained:

We have long had Emeritus Pinot Noir on the wine list by-the-bottle but this past week we started pouring it by-the-glass. This is classic Russian River Pinot Noir with cherries on the nose and a lingering velvety palate. The wine is 100% estate fruit from the nearly dry-farmed Hallberg Vineyard grown by Kirk Lokka and made by Nicolas Cantacuzene. The Hallberg vineyard is a mix of Pinot Noir clones, slightly different versions of the grape with their own attributes which add complexity to the finished wine. I was able to taste through these separate clones before blending, some as spice, others more fruit while others give structure or intensity. The end result is an elegant wine made for the dinner (or lunch) table.

Pinot Noir, Emeritus, Russian River Valley 2007 (16/glass, 62/bottle)

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