Dear Chef: Finding Berkshire Pork Retail in South Florida

100% Berkshire pork is the star of crispy sweet & spicy pork belly, here getting ready for its close-up at the cookbook photo shoot in January.

Where can I find Berkshire pork locally without having to place an order online?

– Carla L.

Great question Carla.  You can get pork from heritage breeds like Berkshire here in Miami, but if you walked into a store today, you’re not going find it.

Let’s quickly back up for some context as to why… Heritage means old breeds that have become rare thanks to industrial hog farming. Heritage hog farmers have small, often family-run operations so it’s no wonder you might have difficultly finding it at your neighborhood grocer.

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Southeast Fisheries Update from George at Trigger Seafood

George Figueroa from Trigger Seafood specializes in the area referred to as “South Atlantic,” the waters south of US1 toward the Keys.  The trigger fish, yellow jack, wahoo, cobia, and snappers – except red, which are closed (only) locally right now – that you enjoy at Michael’s are exclusively spear-caught when they come from George.  Michael joined him on the water during this episode of After Hours with Daniel Boloud, taped a couple of years ago.

Trigger happy during Michael's cookbook shoot in January.

As the oil crisis in the Gulf fumbles along, we thought you might want an update on how we at the restaurant, and our local sources, are taking it in stride.  We reached out to George yesterday for the latest, and here’s what he wrote back:

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