Lobster Fest in Your House!

Today's Short Order blog resurrectes The Genuine Kitchen column.

Today we contributed to Miami New Times with a column on Florida lobster mini season offering suggestions for getting your haul from sea to table.

Learn how to make Michael’s Florida lobster skewers with corn and roasted chile salsa here.

Riesling Does Not Always Equal Sweet

Wehlener is the village and Sonnenuhr is the vineyard. Kabinett refers to a wine which is made from fully ripened grapes of the main harvest.

Please take note that this post is not filed under the “Sweet” category.

The European Union and varietal trade association folks have come together for Riesling Week, a promotional blitz with restaurants and wine merchants intended to debunk stubborn myths about the varietal like this one… the reasons for which can fill another post entirely.

In Miami, sommelier Eric Larkee has selected three special examples ($9-18) by the glass (one from each sanctioned area in France, Germany, and Austria) so that you can judge how you feel about Riesling for yourself.  Riesling is a very terroir specific vine, something that becomes clear with our flight, available for $20.

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When Chef Michael Symon Calls…

An Iron Chef asks us to jump… and we say, how high?!

It’s actually less about iron and more about gold at this weekend’s Food for Life event.  Chef Symon’s heart of gold, to be exact.

For the past several years, this celebrity chef (and a friend of our Michael who happens to be penning his cookbook forward) has partnered with Share our Strength on events that raise money for the fight against childhood hunger.  This year, the scope has been expanded to include Autism Speaks and Urban Community Schools.

The event will be held at Lola  in Cleveland, Ohio on August 1, and the format combines a booth walk-about with passed hors d’oeuvres, featuring such culinary talents as:

* Michael Schwartz
Michael’s Genuine, Miami, FL
* Vinnie Dotolo & Jon Shook
Animal, Los Angeles, CA
* Jonathan Waxman
Barbuto, New York, NY
* Koren Grieveson
Avec, Chicago, IL and
Michael Sheerin
Blackbird, Chicago, IL
* Mary Sue Milliken
Border Grill, Santa Monica, CA and
Las Vegas, NV
* Marc Vetri and Jeff Michaud
Vetri, Osteria and Amis, Philadelphia, PA
* Anne Burrell
Food Network, New York, NY
* Joey Campanaro
The Little Owl, New York, NY
* Jonathan Sawyer
The Greenhouse Tavern, Cleveland, OH
* Rocco Whalen
Fahrenheit, Cleveland, OH
* Paul Minnillo
Flour, Cleveland, OH
* Nate Appleman
Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria, New York, NY
* Eric Williams
Momocho, Cleveland, OH
* Scot Jones
Vegiterranean, Akron, OH

So what to make?   After kicking around some ideas with Michael, Chef Matt, who will be joining on the trip, immediately rang John Wallace of Mikuni Wild Harvest for his most excellent wild salmon. WA Troll Kings and Cook Inlet Kings are in season.  The dish will be whole roasted wild salmon  butter lettuce, pickled heirloom vegetables, coriander aioli, preserved meyer lemon, local herb salad.  Here are the preparations they’ll put in place to pull it off, per Matt. Continue reading

Galley, Ho! Royal Caribbean’s Epicurean Discovery Sets Sail Soon with Michael On Board

The last time I took a cruise, I made sure to book a visit to the galley.  How these hotels at sea are able to provision, service countless dining rooms – not to mention room service, and maintain control of hundreds of crew members without missing a beat can be a source of endless fascination…  especially when you are well aware of how a single restaurant kitchen alone provides for more than enough complications in a day’s work!

For us curious food people, Royal Caribbean has something in store, more than a mere galley tour.  In a new, limited-time program for its Freedom on the Seas, an entire week of “Epicurean Discovery” awaits guests.  Each voyage is devoted to the cuisine and fine dining of one celebrity chef.

Michael is one of 12 chefs invited to participate, and his gourmet Caribbean getaway falls on the week of January 2, 2011.  For more information and the list of voyages, please visit the Royal Caribbean website.  Bon voyage… and bon appetit!