Galley, Ho! Royal Caribbean’s Epicurean Discovery Sets Sail Soon with Michael On Board

The last time I took a cruise, I made sure to book a visit to the galley.  How these hotels at sea are able to provision, service countless dining rooms – not to mention room service, and maintain control of hundreds of crew members without missing a beat can be a source of endless fascination…  especially when you are well aware of how a single restaurant kitchen alone provides for more than enough complications in a day’s work!

For us curious food people, Royal Caribbean has something in store, more than a mere galley tour.  In a new, limited-time program for its Freedom on the Seas, an entire week of “Epicurean Discovery” awaits guests.  Each voyage is devoted to the cuisine and fine dining of one celebrity chef.

Michael is one of 12 chefs invited to participate, and his gourmet Caribbean getaway falls on the week of January 2, 2011.  For more information and the list of voyages, please visit the Royal Caribbean website.  Bon voyage… and bon appetit!

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