Riesling Does Not Always Equal Sweet

Wehlener is the village and Sonnenuhr is the vineyard. Kabinett refers to a wine which is made from fully ripened grapes of the main harvest.

Please take note that this post is not filed under the “Sweet” category.

The European Union and varietal trade association folks have come together for Riesling Week, a promotional blitz with restaurants and wine merchants intended to debunk stubborn myths about the varietal like this one… the reasons for which can fill another post entirely.

In Miami, sommelier Eric Larkee has selected three special examples ($9-18) by the glass (one from each sanctioned area in France, Germany, and Austria) so that you can judge how you feel about Riesling for yourself.  Riesling is a very terroir specific vine, something that becomes clear with our flight, available for $20.

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