Just Peachy

Peaches and cream always get along, especially when it’s summer’s best peaches and Hani Khouri’s creamy local goat cheese in our kitchen.

Hani’s goats feed on a lawn sprinkled with clovers, and if they’re lucky, a mouthful or two of their favorite snack: weeds. This diet affects the taste of the milk, imparting a grassy flavor.  The cheese we’re getting is aged for three days, creating that characteristic tang we all love about goat cheese, especially Hani’s.

Chef de cuisine Bradley Herron explains how last Thursday’s grilled peach tart came together:

This dish is all about balance. It starts with the product, things we like and that we know we can use.  Hani’s coming by with his goat cheese pretty regularly now.  It’s soft and fresh, and very creamy.  This batch was a little acidic, so I immediately thought to counter that with sweet. We had some Georgia peaches in the walk-in and some raw, organic local honey.  So there’s that.  I didn’t want to use a pastry shell, so it’s just flat. To bring the dish together, I wanted a little bit of fat.  The curry oil accomplishes that in an exotic way.  Then some pecan, for texture, and black pepper for spice.

Grilled peach tart, hani's local goat cheese, honey, curry oil, pecans (small/11.)

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