From Cart to Kitchen

Felix (up front) trains J.P. (behind) on the salad station supreming oranges for the butter lettuce salad and ceviche.

When we first launched our street food cart back in March, we knew it was going to be a jolly good time for all.  Little did we know that, thanks to the help of Latin Burger & Taco Truck owner Jim Heins and his J&W intern Solomon Nerio, we’d get hooked up with hard working students to run our new outfit…  and that eventually, one would cook for us indoors.

His name is J.P. Alvarez and last night was his first night on the job in the MGFD kitchen. Of course, it only followed that we should make sure he was on his game.  I ordered one of Michael’s favorites from the salad station, where J.P was training for the evening with line cook Felix Campos.  How do you think he did on the BLT Salad?  Baptism by fire, baby!! Continue reading