Hello My Name Is… Robin Fugate, General Manager

Miami, read this and weep.

Longtime lead server Robin Fugate is being promoted today to general manager of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Grand Cayman.

Despite those of us staff and customers in South Florida who are heartbroken (effective immediately!) over the news, this new position could not be better matched and, of course, well-deserved.

Congratulations, Robin!

Name: Robin Layne Fugate

Childhood ambition:   to be an astronaut

I began at MGFD… back in February 2007, because I saw that Michael Schwartz was opening a restaurant and had a feeling that if I was going to get back into restaurants again, then this had to be the one. Michael Schwartz, Tamara, Charles and I all worked together back at Nemo 15 years ago and would not trade those times for anything.

Cayman: I am thrilled to have been asked to be a part of the opening team in Grand Cayman… the challenges, the good times, the long hours, the old friends, and most of all the new freinds. Grand Cayman reminds me some of Key West, and I love Key West. Writing this also reminds me of my dreams of 20 years ago about working in a restaurant on an island in the Caribbean. Who knew?

Miami: One of the best things about working at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is the rush you feel when you witness guests really having a good time in the restaurant. Instant Gratification. But, I really miss all of the great guests that I had the pleasure of getting to know during the 3 1/2 years at MGFD Miami and my friends at work too. I hope that they all can come visit me here.

Favorite dish at MGFD:  duck confit

Most popular food prepared in your home: grilled 2 inch thich ribeye steak

Wildest food ever eaten: squirrel..tastes like chicken

Favorite beverage at MGFD: Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA

Proudest moment:  packing my bags on May 18 to go to Grand Cayman to open our new restaurant and then standing in front of our opening staff at Orientation on May 31 and talking about how Michael Schwartz has been my favorite Chef for 15 years and how I hoped that when we are done there will be alot of people on Grand Cayman who feel the same.

Biggest challenge: short term memory..it’s shot!

Perfect day: riding my bike in the sunshine, people watching, nice Belgian Ales or Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPAs, heirloom tomatoes & a grilled Ribeye

First job: Orange Julius, Broadway Square Mall, Tyler, Tx

Ideal spot for your vacation home: Key West

Indulgence:  heirloom tomatoes, biking, music, and maybe dancing, if the time is right

Inspirations:  my grandmothers, beautiful days, good friends, music

My life:  happy, fun, sad, rich, exciting, stupid, memorable,  and would do it all again

9 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is… Robin Fugate, General Manager

  1. Everyone at MGFD MIA & MGFD GCM is very happy & pleased to have Robin as G.M of our new restaurant in Grand Cayman.

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