Hello My Name Is… Kristi Zeitouni, General Manager

Ask us what we can say about Kristi, and we’ll respond that it’s more like what can’t we say about this longtime anchor on the Miami management team.

With her confident charm and unflappable composure, KZ has earned the respect of everyone at the restaurant, no matter what their position.

And now, we can add the title of general manager of the Miami restaurant to her list of accomplishments.  Congratulations, Kristi!!!

Name: Christina Zeitouni, Kristi

Position: General Manager

Childhood ambition: Artist, photographer or painter.

First job: server @ Swenson’s

I began at MGFD June, 2007 because: I had taken a couple of months off after working at Norman’s for 4 ½ years and then Restaurant Brana for its short lived life. Michael had asked Mark a few times if I was working and to send me in…. the rest is history!

Favorite dish at MGFD: Whole snapper with fennel.

Most popular food prepared in your home: Fresh fish straight from the docks! Grilled, poached, sashimi, ceviche, any way, any how.

Wildest food ever eaten: Rattle snake, Crocodile, Venison, Sea Cucumber, Eel, Jelly Fish, Natto, Huitlacoche, ALL parts of any animal: kidney, tongue, brains, sweet breads, balls, feet, you name it. Pretty much everything that is put in front of me! (Unless I’m allergic; kiwi & octopus, I know weird…)

Favorite beverage at MGFD: WINE, I love our wine list for its complexity and variety.

Proudest moment: My latest promotion!

Biggest challenge: My latest promotion!

Perfect day: On the beach VERY early in the morning when no one is around and it’s just me and the sound of the ocean.

Ideal spot for your vacation home: On the beach.

Indulgence: Chocolate and shopping.

Inspirations: My husband and his fabulous abilities!

My life: Is full of family, friends and great food!

Kristi holds court with Director of Operations, Charles Bell, at pre-shift last December.

8 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is… Kristi Zeitouni, General Manager

  1. Congratulations on you promotion. Since you’re such a beach girl, you must come visit us here in Grand Cayman — if Michael’s Miami can do w/o you for a few days.
    Gretchen Allen

  2. Thanks to all of you for your great comments and support!! I will be away in Grand Cayman working at our beautiful new retaurant for the next 2 months. Please come by and check it out!! KZ

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