Visiting Joyce Foods & Palmetto Creek Farms

Big bird in the hole.

Sourcing can’t always happen in our own backyard, which means it sometimes takes a suitcase to do business Michael’s way.  This week he’s traveling to North Carolina to visit Ron Joyce of Joyce Foods,  our specialty producer for Poulet Rouge Fermier and other all-natural poultry and game products.

A family business since 1962, Joyce Foods now works with small farmers to produce old Heritage breeds that have fallen out of favor because they cannot compete with faster growing, higher yielding commercially-produced animals. Stay tuned today on Michael’s Twitter for updates on the operation.

September 13 & 14 it’s road trip time!  Michael’s got company.  Bradley and I will join for the ride to Palmetto Creek Farms to observe the kill and butchering process of its Hereford pigs.

Have questions for these producers?  Email, and we can ask for you.

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