Write Like Mike (Plus, Our New Digital Home is Coming Soon)

It’s like the Matrix. Well, sorta.

Chef’s snazzy penmanship is now available for download to your personal computing devices as a custom typeface, Genuine Michael. Look for it on the new and improved michaelsgenuine.com, going live later this month thanks to some killer work by talented digital designer Ilysa Corns.

What’s it to you? Besides a site that’s for sore eyes (and looks a lot more like we feel these days,) form will meet 21st century function.  Here are some core improvements:

Enjoy 100% access to our website on the go.  Yep, you heard us.  No more Flash!  Gone will be the sad, empty maroon landing page that you see when you go to our website on your iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android right now.

More about who we are and what we do, organized all in one place and updated at warp drive.  Say hello to our new Michael’s Genuine Flickr account and find The Genuine Kitchen blog on the homepage, too.

Our classic tees, hats, and more genuine propaganda will soon be available to you worldwide, on-demand at our e-store.

See below for instructions to download Genuine Michael and to share with friends. Continue reading