Eat Green Peanuts

Have you ever tasted green, as in raw, peanuts? Did you know you could?  Until a couple of weeks ago, neither did we.  Then Roots in the City head grower Frank Magee pulled some up out of the ground and offered.  It was a revelation.  Think fresh English peas plucked from the pod.

Like a typical reaction to the release of the latest iPhone, Michael’s reflexes took over.  Need. Must have.  Now.

With Roots’ entire first crop in the walk-in, about 3 to 4 pounds, we’ve been working them into the menu, and will as long as they can keep up with production! Pink husks turn mauve when they hit a light heat.  No boiling or roasting necessary.

Last night’s menu featured Deep Creek Ranch beef cheek with Roots in the City peanuts, raisin puree, and cauliflower (medium/16.) Just a quick toss in some butter with salt and pepper is great too.

We all should eat more green peanuts.  “Put that on a tee shirt!” you’d say… Well, we just might.

Check out our Flickr set for harvest day photos.

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