Video: Phillis Wheatley Elementary Students 86 MGFD Salad @ Back to School Night

Thrilling.  Inspiring.  Smile-inducing.  One can’t help but grin when bearing witness to a child’s excitement about something… anything…  But especially when that something is salad. And especially when it’s not one, but a school full of them!

Such was the case last night at Phillis Wheatley Elementary in Overtown.  As mentioned yesterday, its gracious Principal Catalina Flor invited us to present with Roots in the City our plans for a healthier, fun school year revolving around its Edible School Garden.  The result was a success!  Maggi from Roots in the City was able to collect some 20 names and contact information of parents interested in Planting Day for the garden — and we met some City Year Miami participants motivated to help.  All the makings of baby steps toward positive change.

A big thank you to chef de cuisine Bradley Herron for pulling together such a gorgeous salad on a moment’s notice!