Cheese of the Week: Nocetto di Capra

Nocetto di Capra (cheese of the week/9)

Sous chef Matt Hinckley is focused on cheese, as he should be.  Matt curates our cheese of the week program, which Michael deliberately designed to get to know one cheese at a time.  Really well.  It’s about the process, from its selection and proper storage to plating with the right accompaniments and beverage pairing. It all adds up to a special weekly service in which the customer should be able to taste the care and attention put into it.  This week’s selection is delightful.

When Matt chose Nocetto (pronounced NO-chet-TO) di Capra, a soft ripened goat cheese from the Lombardy region of Italy, he was expecting a goat’s milk cheese with barn and grass making the trip.  Not so.  Produced with the milk from Orobica goats, which are indigenous to Bergamo, this pasteurized triple cream is sweet, well balanced, and like velvet on your tongue, with a hint of mushroom and walnut.  And if you thought it couldn’t get any better, Matt has paired it with a hazelnut date cake and sage bread — both made in house. Heard that!

Sommelier Eric Larkee leans toward the white end of the spectrum here (and when it comes to cheese in general.)  He recommends Sauvignon Blanc, French rosé, or even a wheat beer (it’s hard to go wrong with cheese and bubbles of any kind.)

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