Farmer Update: Margie Pikarsky on the Seasonal Transition

Yesterday was summer’s last hurrah.  In the parking lot, I caught foraging server Gabe Price who had picked up a slew of fun product like snake and loofah gourds, and organic eggs on his Homestead run (he’s filling in for Ali and Chris while they’re on their honeymoon.)   The garlic chives, eggplant, and peppers came from Bee Heaven Certified Organic Farm, and we were curious to check in with grower Margie Pikarsky to find out how exactly she gets her farm ready for the cooler months and main growing season here in South Florida.

Definitely transitioning. We just yesterday were finally able to mow down the cover crop. It seemed like endless waiting for the rains to stop. The ground was just too wet to work without killing the soil life! Tomorrow, if no rain, we’ll be tilling, then waiting a few days for weed seed to sprout, and do one final tilling. Then we’ll be forming the beds, laying out the irrigation, and planting! In the meantime, we’re starting our heirloom tomato seeds (plus eggplants, hot peppers, and flowers) in the shade house. We’ll have transplants ready for planting and sale at the FTG Edible Garden Festival end of October.

We’ve just wrapped up our avocado harvest (though we’re still packing varieties from another local organic grower, through December). We also just finished our longan and allspice (berry) harvest and a small carambola crop, with lots of blooms and baby fruit on the way. We currently have some beautiful Thai basil, our garlic chives (year-round), and just harvested an awesome crop of heirloom balloon peppers (sweet wings with hot centers).

We’re very excited about the upcoming growing season-hopefully we won’t have the freezing weather of last winter. We’re growing more heirloom beans, and more interesting radishes. Plus, of course, our awesome greens!

See yesterday’s delivery on the Michael’s Genuine Flickr here.

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