In the Genuine Kitchen with… Frank McGee, Roots in the City Grower

Frank shows off his Georgia cane syrup. Hedy approved.

He had us at “cracklin’ bread.”

I’m speaking of Frank McGee, Dr. Marvin Dunn’s new grower at Roots in the City who is taking over responsibility of the day to day management of this Overtown non-profit’s urban garden plots.  Maggi Pons can now focus on sales and marketing for Roots’ growing produce business — and get her feet more wet in projects like reviving Phillis Wheatley Elementary’s edible school garden and her role as farmers market manager. Yay, we get more Maggi time!  Always a good thing.

When Michael and I met Frank for the first time about a month ago, at Roots’ new warehouse (which happens to nuzzle Phillis Wheatley’s athletic field on NW 20th Street and Northwest 1st Place,) he  talked a big game: stewed tomatoes, collard greens, ribs, and that heavenly sounding pork cracklin’ bread, made in a skillet on the stovetop.  No sooner did the words escape his mouth that Michael extended an invitation to Frank to join us one Saturday in the MGFD kitchen to see what all the hype was about.  That Saturday was yesterday.  Suffice to say that Frank walks the walk!  Check out his skills in the video we produced below.

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