Our Own French Documentary Filmmaker

A Burger Bash souvenir, courtesy The New York Times and thedigitalphotobooth.com.

There she is on the left. Emily Dalmas, the New York University freshman film student and very impressive young lady behind the camera in this post’s three segment short film.

Emily is the daughter of longtime MGFD accounting maven Brigitte Dalmas, my roommate at our back office.  I feel like I’ve been following in stride Emily’s path to college ever since I began working for Michael last October, so when I found out we’d both be in New York, it was only natural to offer her the opportunity to document the team’s activities.  Lucky for us, she jumped at the chance, and last Friday she joined us for Burger Bash, prep and all!

Learn a little more about Emily and watch her piece, below. We hope to work with her again soon!

Born (date and place): April 22nd, 1992. Miami Beach, FL

When did you know you wanted to study film? A few years ago. I played around with camcorders at a young age and started making little movies but it wasn’t until high school that I was set on going to film school. I can’t say that I came out of the womb with a 35 mm film camera.

Favorite movies? The Graduate, 400 Blows.

When I found out I got into NYU, I… practically fell an entire flight of stairs at my high school

Best thing about college life so far is… being able to be in the heart of New York City.

Worst thing about college life so far is… sleep deprivation

I love New York because of… the people and the life within the city itself.

My favorite thing on the menu at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is… the pan roasted 1/2 “red poulet” chicken

Hanging out with the MGFD team at the NYC Wine & Food Festival was… an amazing experience and I’m so unbelievably happy I was able to be a part of it and I learned kitchen slang such as “Heard that!”

3 thoughts on “Our Own French Documentary Filmmaker

    We are so proud of you and so greatful that MGFD gave you this opportunity to show your talents!
    Mom and Dad xoxox

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