Michael and Hedy’s Chicago

“Just the two of us…”

It’s Michael and Hedy’s anthem every fall, when the two head to Chicago for its Meals on Wheels event at Macy’s. Here are some photos Hedy snapped with her iPhone of their booth at the event on Friday and trip to the Lincoln Park Farmers Market on Saturday. This time around, Michael free-handed the dish sign with a Sharpie and the new black and white stamp we had made (thanks Renata!) I think it came out great (see the final below, after the jump) — a nice touch, as we’re showcasing Michael’s handwriting more and more these days… (The new website is almost ready, phew!) And a big thank you to once-Miamian Randy Zweiban at Province for his help with sourcing local ingredients and prep for the panade.

I’m curious to find out more about the trip, their meal at Stephanie Izzard’s Girl and the Goat, and what the two hauled back from the market to Miami… It will just have to wait till I see them on Monday!

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