Hello My Name Is… Eric Larkee, Sommelier

Sommeliers are usually pretty popular folks.  The cool thing about our Eric is that it’s not only because he’s gets great wine into the restaurant and to your table.  It’s the way he presents them — collaborative with the diner and with a mysterious mixture of wit and smarts that keeps you coming back for more.

His delivery is on-par with his list, creative and always ahead-of-trend, like the viura Rioja Crianza blanca  (2000) and white burgundy Leroy Chardonnay (1997,) both new by the glass.

I’m very bummed to have missed his “How to Manage a Successful Wine List” seminar at the Miami International Wine Fair on Saturday and am hoping to blog that exact topic on the blog soon… Until then, we promise his answers to our questionnaire will keep you amused! Continue reading