Halloween Candy We Sneak When You’re Not Looking

Reese's has a fun interactive tool on its website that let's you customize its print ads to your taste, like we did here.

Even restaurant people are guilty of a charmed fondness for Halloween candy.  But what the heck, it’s only one day a year, right?  Ok, maybe the weeks following, too, for those of us with little trick-or-treaters around…

We also share nostalgia for and strong loyalties to certain childhood treats, especially Hedy’s!

To get in the Sunday spirit, we did a little staff poll of our packaged favorites.

The truth about what’s in our stash comes out, below.

A. Reeses                                 Bradley Herron, Chef de Cuisine
B. Reeses Pumpkins              Brigitte Dalmas, Accounting
C. KitKat                                  Charles Bell, Director of Operations
D. Candy Corn                        Claudia Torres, Reservationist
E. Sugar Daddies                    Hedy Goldsmith, Executive Pastry Chef
F. Goldenberg’s                      Ingrid Schilchtmann, Manager
Peanut Chews                         Jackie Sayet, Brand Manager
G. Mr. Goodbar                      Kristi Zeituoni, General Manager
H. Leonidas Belgian             Michael Schwartz, Executive Chef/Owner
fine chocolate candies          Robin Fugate, General Manager (GCM)
I. Tootsie Rolls                       Ryan Goodspeed, Bar Manager
J. Hersheys                             Scott Fuller, Assistant Sommelier, Server
K. Krackel                               Tamara Schwartz, Owner
L. Butterfingers                     Thais Rodriguez, Pastry Chef (GCM)
M. Payday                               Thomas Tennant, Chef de Cuisine (GCM)
N. Snickers
O. Now & Laters
P. Whatchamacallit
Q. Twix

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