Jet Setting French Chicks

Ron Joyce and a two week old chick.

As mentioned in August, Michael took a trip to North Carolina to visit with our Poulet Rouge supplier, Joyce Farms, the first to develop a breeder flock and produce this French heritage chicken stateside.  The trip solidified why we buy chicken from them exclusively, and why more restaurants need to do the same.   Superior taste isn’t reason alone.

Michael shared some of his experience with the staff at pre-shift, including what he learned from owner Ron Joyce about the paltry state of the poultry industry in America and how he’s doing his part to turn things around.  When Michael shared that the number of industrial chickens processed in the U.S. is about 175 million weekly, compared to Joyce Farms’ 4,000, I had to know more.  I reached out to Ron with some questions, and he obliged.

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