Going All Au Naturel with Lake Meadow Naturals Eggs

Lake Meadow's chickens are exclusively Rhode Island Reds. Here one is dusting to keep cool.

I’d like to switch all Sysco eggs to Lake Meadow Naturals eggs. They will ship with wild ocean seafood. I know they only come once a week bit we can stock pile and store outside in storeroom. Matt, can you please coordinate with Dale from Lake Meadow? Jumbo is the size. Questions?

Michael sent this email on November 3, and today we will receive our first delivery from Lake Meadow Naturals, an Ocoee, FL farm that specializes in free range, heritage eggs, from chicken and duck to guinea fowl and goose.  It’s their geese you see on our new website’s homepage photo rotation.

Is it Frankie the dog or the curious perched chicken in charge here?!

Of course this is a big commitment, but an important one we are willing to make. The eggs are more than double the cost of the factory eggs from Sysco on which we were relying to supplement what Alice Pena’s boutique operation at PNS Farms could handle of our 120 dozen per week volume. Moving forward, we will serve 100 percent free range Florida chicken eggs.

We were introduced to owner Dale Volkert through a television production company we’re working with.  It’s so cool when such a partner also becomes a forager, identifying new sustainable sources that we are able to incorporate into the restaurant!

You might be interested in the notes compiled by executive producer Rochelle Brown and her team about the history and ins-and-outs of Dale’s operation.  We’ve included them below, and you can see his vision come to life in our Flickr set here.

Michael shoots his first scene on-location at postcard perfect Lake Meadow Naturals.

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