Hello My Name Is… Amy Kalinowski, Pastry Sous Chef

Amy making Payday candies on Tuesday.

Maybe if I wear a Don’t Feed the Animals sign around my neck, Amy will stop sneaking me oozy chocolate chunk cookies, lemon-pistachio biscotti, and other naughty nibbles out of the oven when I pass by her station during the day. Don’t we all become just a little Jurassic at the sight or smell of fresh pastries?  For even the most disciplined, it’s hard to exercise much self-control with Hedy Goldsmith and her a.m. and p.m. teams churning it all out around the clock.  And most of that clock is under Amy’s watch!  Persimmon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, homemade newtons with fresh local fruit jams, shiny soft pillows of meringue for lemon pies, sheet trays of Snickers…  Amy’s baking up a storm for our indulgence, daily.  To top it all off, she’s as sweet as 10x sugar and always puts up with my curiosity and constant photo-snapping, never once kicking me out when I ogle Oreos or inquire about icing. Read more about her below…  And Amy, you’re stuck with me because I will NEVER wear such a sign by the way!!!
My name is Amy Kalinowski
My position is pastry sous chef
My childhood ambition was and still is to invent something… I’m convinced one day it will happen.

Amy lady-handles a lemon poundcake.

First job was a file clerk at a car dealership.
I began at MGFD October 2 2008.  I came here to work with a great team of people who share the passion of being in a kitchen. Also to learn, from not only one of the best pastry chefs in the world, but from all the people around me, and grow as a pastry chef.
My favorite dish at Michael’s is the falaffle.. IT”S AWESOME!!!
Most popular food prepared in my home: My parents cooked the usual, hamburgers,chicken, spaghetti.  Nothing too adventurous.  My mom loved it when i got in the kitchen, I would always take over. I love to be in the kitchen.
The wildest thing I’ve ever eaten was beef cheeks.  Although it’s really not that wild we eat every other part of the cow,  I guess I say that because it sounds funny, beef cheeks…
The best beverage is the watermelon juice and champagne.. YUMMY!!
My proudest moment was telling my dad I got the job at Michael’s, and graduating school of course.
My biggest challenge is just doing my job everyday, and trying to do my best.
The perfect day is spent with my family and friends, laughing having fun and enjoying life.

Orders up! Panini, Cremoso, Lemon Meringue...

My ideal spot for a vacation home is Ireland, and even though I haven’t made my way up there yet, I will one day.  I just want to listen to them speak.
My indulgence is ironically sweets.
My inspiration is everyone around me, and what they like.  I am a known people pleaser. I want nothing more than to make the people around me happy, and for some reason, yummy treats seem to put a smile on people’s faces,

10 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is… Amy Kalinowski, Pastry Sous Chef

  1. There is room for plenty of unpaid interns in the savory zoo. We can arrange some sort of payment with Amy’s cookies. But I’m not responsible if Hedy finds out….

  2. Amy I just read this and I loove ehh!!!….it oozes with your personality! You’re the most sweetest person I have ever known….no pun intended lol Muah!

  3. I met Amy when I dropped off some essential oils and she took time in the middle of the busy lunch hour to open each one and ooh and ahh as only a true foodie would, unrushed and savoring the scents. Impressed at her ability to multi-task ;-)

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