Flat Stanley’s Trip to Michael’s Genuine

Can you guess where Riley’s Flat Stanley hung out when he traveled to Miami and paid a visit to MGFD? Hint: Hedy immediately found a place for him.

Thanks for sending him, Riley!  He’s on his way home now with his photo.  He had a sweet time!

6 thoughts on “Flat Stanley’s Trip to Michael’s Genuine

  1. Kudos to MGFD!!! The “Flat Stanley” project has grown over the past few years amongst the Elementary school communities nationwide and the fact that you took the time to integrate Stanley into your environment just goes to show how connected and real your establishment is! Genuine food AND Genuine soul!

  2. Two big thumbs up!! This story reminds me of a very close friend who had a simular adventure with BOOMER the roaming Gnome. Keep great work!!

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to take a picture of my Flat Stanley I have had so much fun with this and the response has been amazing . My grandmother and I heard about your restaurant on the food channel . The food looks good wish I was with him Riley

    • Fabulous! Thanks for letting us know. We hope to be able to meet you someday… And to re-connect with Stanley. Keep us posted on his travels, please!

  4. Thanks for helping Riley out with our project. I have encouraged my students to mail Flat Stanley and take him on trips with them. Riley has by far participated the MOST.. It means a lot to have people be so kind and so helpful.

    Thanks for all you have done for Riley.

    Mrs. Snell
    Riley’s 2nd Grade Teacher ;)

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