Running with Your Food

In the entertainment biz, television writers tend to work in pairs to bang out the best material.  The same goes for Eliana Angel and Xiomara Sepulveda, two of our best food runners, who have clocked many hours together in Miami to get your food from the window to the table.  Dinner service during the circus that is Art Basel week tests the limits of even the strongest restaurant kitchens.  It’s a great feeling to be able to rely on these ladies to drop at the correct tables and seating positions, without missing a beat, as the covers turn. And turn. And turn.  Here’s a glimpse from last night into their world, as Chef de Cuisine Bradley Herron expedited.

4 thoughts on “Running with Your Food

  1. love the way you edited that Jackula…

    well done!

    oh, and big props to the Xiomare and Lala team. they usually only work together. so they are sorta like the Siths of food running.

  2. Exactly the reason why I love eating, enjoying and spending time/money in South Florida restaurants such as MGFD. And also exactly the reason why I will always remain a proficient home-cook and never work in or own a restaurant myself. Takes a special breed. You guys rock socks and have fun doing it. Keep it up. Cool video editing also!

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