This Little Piggy Went… on the Pasta

Oink. Sous Chef Matt Hinckley plated this homemade linguine with local oyster mushrooms, cipollini onion, poached Lake Meadow Naturals duck egg, and crunchy pig ear for staff to taste at Monday's dinner pre-shift meeting. We were hungry for details on how it all came together in the kitchen. After his shift ended at 1:50 a.m. last night, the answer hit my inbox.

We make our own pasta everyday at 3:30pm.  That is the time when the lunch crew turns off their heat lamps and the dinner crew comes in to set up.  The residual heat makes the perfect environment to dry the pasta out.  The heat lamps kick back on at 5:00pm so it is critical that we make that window.  And everyday Altinor butchers about 20 poulet rouge chickens and makes stock from their bones.  We use this stock to braise pig ears over the course of about 6 hours.