2010: Worth at Least 1,000 Words

Food for Thought's @Frodnesor included our Kimchi Benedict as one of his best 10 bites of 2010. I agree! What do you think?

2010 was the year of the _______ at MGFD.

I asked Ryan, Eric, and the kitchen to reflect and help me fill in the blank for a post later this week of what stood out for us this year at the restaurant. Dishes, drinks, ingredients, techniques, people… They all count and sum up a pretty incredible year.

What about you? Was it something old that kept you coming back for more, or something new that made you think about food and drink in a different way?  We want to know what your greatest hits with us were this year.  Please share in the comments below and help me complete our 2010 mosaic.

3 thoughts on “2010: Worth at Least 1,000 Words

  1. I was surprised to see “Buttered Popcorn” ice cream written on the blackboard of the Michael’s here in Grand Cayman, and delighted when I tried it. But the one dish that remains the most memorable taste sensation was the Bacon Maple Pecan ice cream — unbelievable!

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