Video Playback: Andrea Immer Robinson Samples Miami’s Local Flavor at Michael’s Genuine

Andrea Immer Robinson and husband John enjoy a genuine experience.

Notice anything peculiar about the dining room pictured above?

This video clip was featured in Andrea Immer Robinson‘s Miami episode of her television show Local Flavor circa 2008…  Some things change, like our white linen table setup (now better bare,) while thankfully others stay the same.  Count in crispy hominy served here by now assistant sommelier Scott Fuller, the octopus and beef cheek dishes to follow, a colorful salad of ever-changing local lettuces and just-picked pickled vegetables, the terrific Betts & Scholl label painting our wine list all shades of tasty, and Hedy Goldsmith’s lip-smacking desserts.

Andrea is one of 105 wine professionals in North America who have earned the impressive distinction of Master Sommelier. She’s retooled this episode into bite-sized clips on each restaurant as a preamble to her appearance at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

Learn where to find her in February (besides hopefully back at the restaurant WITHOUT cameras!) and watch the clip here. Tickets are going fast for our events, but when we checked the Festival website this morning, Wine + Dine + Design was not yet stamped ‘sold out.’  This year we’ll join SRA. Martinez and Fratelli Lyon for a progressive dinner adding guest chefs into the mix, including Andrew Carmellini, John Besh, and our pairing Michael Symon. We’ll give you a preview of the flavorful antics sure to ensue in the kitchen when we interview him on the blog in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

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