What’s Cooking: January & February

As I have mentioned before, keeping Michael’s calendar straight is one of my biggest challenges.  But it sure feels good to have it updated and in a good spot.  At least for now!  Here are some highlights of what’s cooking for Chef and the whole MGFD team over the next couple of months…

Best in Glass Competition (Yesterday, January 9): The last I heard from sommelier Eric Larkee on Sunday was via text at 1:53 p.m. Omg. Flight 23. With up to 7 wines per flight, we’ve got to hand it to Eric for surviving the physically and mentally exhausting First Annual Best in Glass Wine Competition.  Affiliated with the upcoming Miami Wine & Food Festival (4/14-17,) the event brought together Miami’s top sommeliers, representing the best restaurants and wine programs, for a judging panel to select outstanding wines by the glass. Dozens of wineries, many of them boutique and artisanal producers, submitted their wines for judging. The organizers have dubbed Mid-March to Mid-April Winning Wine Month, where Eric’s picks will be poured by the glass @MGFD_MIA.  Can’t wait to hear more about it when Eric resurfaces from his bender.

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