[UPDATED] Want a Taste of Cayman? Try the Invasive Lionfish.

An invasivore's tasty poster child: lionfish

UPDATE: Our savory dish was Lionfish Escabeche served with roasted tomato & Worchestershire (Cayman-style,) as well as pickled vegetables, avocado, extra virgin olive oil, scallion, & cilantro. The fish was quickly fried and marinated in the pickling tomato juice. Also served: Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with grits & parsley sauce, and Smoked Chocolate Peanut Butter S’more with homemade oreo-graham cracker crust, caramel sauce, peanut brittle, peanut butter, chocolate ganache, & homemade marshmallows with cocoa nibs torched a la minute. First it was the Mount Gay, Lime, & Tonic. Now I’m REALLY bummed I’m not on-island. Photos by Pascal Pernix of DART/Camana Bay can be found on our Flickr here.

There’s a new shift in the politics of food, not quite a movement yet, more of an eco-culinary frisson. But it may have staying power; the signs and portents are there. Vegans, freegans, locavores — meet the invasivores.

This excerpt from a December 31, 2010 New York Times story heralding the arrival of a new kind of sustainable diet rings especially true in the ecosystems surrounding both of our restaurants.  Case and point: Lionfish.  Native to the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean, the fish is said to have been accidentally released from a home aquarium in Florida (ouch) and for the past several years has been invading the waters off the Florida Keys and Cayman Islands.  The good news?  It is not only completely safe to consume once the venomous spines are carefully removed, but it is good eats.