TEDx Manhattan Changing the Way We Eat: Live Webcast Features Chef/Activist Michel Nischan @ 4:00 p.m. EST Today

We are so happy today is a gloomy day in Miami!  It means there is no excuse why you shouldn’t plop yourself in front of a PC at 1:30 p.m. EST to let the greatest minds in food in America today feed your brain with the work being done to shift our food system from industrially-based agriculture to one in which healthy, nutritious food is accessible to all.

Today is Manhattan’s Changing the Way We Eat TEDx, an independently-organized, grass roots, and licensed TED event inviting and uniting individuals with different backgrounds in the food and farming movement, including farmers, chefs, researchers, academics, activists, artists/creatives, health professionals, educational professionals, foodies and “TEDsters.”  It’s all in an effort to bring different groups of people working on the same issue together to learn what each other are doing and to help create new partnerships and collaborations.   The best part for the attendees, in addition to presenting their work, is the time they are allotted to meet each other and look for new synergies and new ideas to help bolster the sustainable food movement.

The best part for us?  We will be proudly watching at 4:00 p.m. EST as chef, author, and food activist Michel Nischan shares the work that his foundation Wholesome Wave Foundation is doing to open up access to healthy, affordable food in communities across the country.  He will mention Miami’s Roots in the City and the Double Value Coupon Program active at its Farmers Market, of which we are a partner!

Click the screen grab image above to visit the live streaming webpage and get with the program!!  And good luck and congratulations to Michel for all of his hard, passionate work.  Knock ’em dead.