[UPDATED] The Homestretch

Thanks Jamie. We think you're great, too.

UPDATE: Visit our Flickr for photos of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink Brunch at Sea with Jonathan Waxman and Burger Bash with Rachael Ray. And a special thank you to Sarah de Heer for jumping onto the line to pierce hundreds of cornichons at Burger Bash, and her most excellent AOL Slashfood story documenting it all behind-the-scenes.  Her photo gallery is here on Facebook.

What a week it has been! Besides our events, the last of which is Brunch at Sea today (follow my tweets with #brunchatsea,) the energy has been awesome in the restaurant.  Those of you who have come by know that Michael has spent as much time in the kitchen as he has on the beach.  I loved overhearing Giada de Laurentiis remark to Michael “so you’re the one I keep hearing we have to visit!” as she signed next to him in the Books & Books tent at the Grand Tasting Village yesterday morning. She’ll join us for brunch (at the restaurant) today.

We feel very lucky to be a restaurant where visiting chefs want to dine when they need a little R&R from the madness — from Jamie Oliver to our good buddies Jonathan Waxman and Joey Campanaro, who have been so very helpful with working our events. In fact it’s this all-hands-on-deck spirit of the festival that we love most, bringing out the best in the industry, everyone jumping into the fray to help plate, prep, you name it.  You truly get to see exactly why these chefs and the teams of people supporting them are so successful at what they do. Thank you to everyone, especially the brilliant front and back of house teams at MGFD who rocked the 2011 South Beach Wine & Food Festival inside and out. Stay tuned for our photos, which I should hopefully be able to get up on Flickr and update with a link here tomorrow.

With Love and Respect,


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