Tweet Talk with MGFD Sommelier @ericlarkee

Eric's Twitter profile picture. Nice label, but why?

Richard “@yobetts” Betts, master sommelier and Tweeter extraordinaire, may not have gotten his wish of @michaelswhine, but we got ours.

News flash! Sommelier Eric Larkee is now on Twitter @ericlarkee.  That’s great news for you, since you can now access the spontaneous transmissions of his ginormous wine brain and download them in real time into your thirsty noggin.  To aid in the comprehension and application of these intermittent bursts of ripe (and free!) enophilic knowledge, we thought it would be helpful to hand pick a few of Eric’s latest ruminations and have him decode them here.  Drink up and follow him (and the interesting people with whom he’s Tweeting) for more.

ericlarkee Eric Larkee: @yobetts You down with Ar.Pe.Pe? about 19 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
Rosso di Valtellina 2007 from Ar. Pe Pe 2007 along with their Grumello ’04 and Sassella ’04 . Incredible Nebbiolo from the mountains near the Swiss border.

ericlarkee Eric Larkee: Always fun to open a bottle from the year I was born. 23 Feb
I had just opened a bottle of 1978 Pommard from Remoissenet.  This was a cellar selection pulled in December of 2010 and just like the cellared Leroy we get it was in perfect condition.

ericlarkee Eric Larkee: @MGFD_MIA is drinking the dry Pedro Ximenez from Chile with shrimp Bradley made to go with the wine. 4 Mar
You, Jackie, were eating a shrimp dish Bradley had made that day to pair the new wine by-the-glass with.  Oh, BTG=by-the-glass, BTB=by-the-bottle

@MGFD_MIA @yobetts @hedygoldsmith @joecampanale. I see you Mt Etna and I raise you Treixadura blend on tbl 106.
Mt. Etna is both an active volcano on the Northeast of Sicily and an Italian DOC.  Grapes in the rosso include ones that nobody knows like Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccio.  Grapes have been grown here since about the 8th century B.C. and because of the sandy volcanic soils the current vines have escaped Phylloxera.  I just wanted to counter with a white wine with equally hard to remember grapes like Loureira, Lado and Albilla being in the mix.
Fresh off the boat.
I had just received a delivery of Riesling from Michigan.  If you’ve ever met anyone from Michigan (aka a Michigander) they have probably used their left hand to show you where they are from.  This wine is from the top of the pinkie finger!
David McMillan (via Montreal) love connect with Gerhard Kracher (via Austria) at Foodbar with TBA #7
David McMillan aka @joebeef was having dinner at the food bar and had just finished a bottle of FX Pichler’s Sauvignon Blanc and in the course of conversation leading to the next wine it came up that one of my favorite sweet wine producers, Gerhard Kracher was in the restaurant.  David serves his wines in all of his restaurants and it was my duty to introduce these two gregarious Food and Wine peeps.

Mar 14, 7:04pm via Twitter for iPhone
@JROCKiscool altamura, kobalt, caldwell, foley. 07 if u drink in next 6 months…drink now vintage 06 or 08 if u wait…better 4 aging
I was asked to recommend an about $100 retail Cali Cab for a special night at home.  2007 is drinking well right now, a very showy vintage in its youth but based on some vertical tastings have had the chance to do lately I strongly feel that both 2006 and 2008 will have longer lives.

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