Hello My Name Is… Todd Webster, Sous Chef

I know Todd as the meat man, so you can imagine he’s a pretty big deal at MGFD…  or anywhere for that matter!  There’s rarely a time I venture into the back of the house when Todd’s not there working his tail off, and he’s always patient with my curiosity about what he’s making.  Whether rolling up housemade pancetta, curing and smoking bacon twice weekly in our parking lot cabinet, or breaking down gorgeous Fudge Farms pork chops as pictured above, he’s carved out an important place for himself in the kitchen and is a wealth of butchering knowledge. Of course, that’s not all he is.  I’ve been looking forward to this Q&A for a while now. Please enjoy learning more about Todd, too, below.

Name as appears on government-issued ID: Todd Mitchell Webster

First day at MGFD: I believe it was June 8th, I was hired by Hedy because they needed a plater in Pastry and I had no experience on the line. Hedy gave me a chance to prove myself.

Childhood ambition: I have always wanted to be an actor. I have some credits on IMDB and I did stand-up comedy for a few years. Also a little known fact is that I studied at the ballet conservatory on a scholarship.

First job: Washing dishes at Sambo’s, a Denny’s like restaurant in Winter Haven, FL where my mother was a server.

Favorite dish at MGFD: Me and my whole family are suckers for the pig ears, My wife and daughter make me bring them home to them from time to time.

Most popular food prepared in your home: Since I work 70+ Hours per week anything I cook is their favorite. But my wife is very fond of linguine with clam sauce. I start it with bacon and use clams and tail on shrimp lots of butter and white wine, I top it with picked cilantro.

Wildest food ever eaten: Marine Corps MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat)…they were the worst and came in flavors and smells determined to make you wretch.

Favorite beverage at MGFD: Samuel Smith Taddy Porter. I am going through a dark beer phase and love all things Dunkel.

Proudest moment: I have a few proudest moments. The day I graduated Marine Corps Boot Camp on Parris Island. Each day of the births of my three children and the day Chef Michael promoted me to Sous Chef. LOL

Biggest challenge: I have a temper that I work hard to keep in check, balancing work and family and Getting Chef Michael to promote me to Sous Chef. LOL

Perfect day: Any day spent with my family is perfect. We pack so much into the short time we have that I am exhausted in a good way.

Favorite place: I know how this sounds, but my wife’s favorite place to eat is Michael’s and Aromas del Peru in Kendall.

Indulgence: Ice cream (especially hedy’s bacon maple pecan and coffee toffee) and whiskey. Not particularly in that order.

Inspirations: My family.

My life: Would make a great movie.

5 thoughts on “Hello My Name Is… Todd Webster, Sous Chef

  1. Todd,
    Interesting read. I note you enjoy Hedy’s maple bacon pecan ice cream; so do I. I also see you enjoy her whiskey ice cream, which I yet to have the opportunity to experience. My favorite is the maple bacon pecan, with a shot of whiskey (bourbon) poured over it. Try it; I’ll bet you like it.
    From Grand Cayman,
    Gretchen Allen

  2. Fantastic bio, Todd! You and I share a common beginning (sorta); at 18, I started as a server in the same restaurant where my mother worked at the time. The rest is history.

    When we’re at work, it’s a little difficult to get to know our colleagues because we’re so focused on what we do and on making others happy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I’m sure this is not a comment you will expect. I can’t believe it is “THE” Todd Webster who played footsy and wrote poetry to the girl across from him in typing class. I am fascinated by all you have done, but not surprised. I hope to hear from you. Mrs. J

  4. I’m glad I finally got a chance to see what Todd has been raving about all this time, when he took us to eat at Michael’s Genuine. Each dish was better than the one that preceded it. What a feast. You could tell that great care and attention to detail went into the making of all that delicious food. And the dessert course was to die for. Buttered popcorn ice cream!!! Who’d a thunk it. Todd hitched his wagon to a winner.

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