Fresh, Local Produce. For Everyone.

Noon at Roots in the City today. Business as usual in Maggi's Garden picking kale, but far from it across 10th Street at the market plot.

Dear The Genuine Kitchen readers,

You may have heard about Roots in the City Farmer’s Market facing closure under code enforcement from the City of Miami and the demonstration on the grounds today at noon hosted by Dr. Marvin Dunn, our partner in this urban green market.  The Liberty City Farmers Market suffered a similar fate a few weeks ago.

We believe the City has demonstrated support by allowing our farmers market to get off the ground last spring with a temporary ‘special events’ permit, the only such clearance available to markets like ours.  For the first time in South Florida, food stamps were accepted at an urban farmers market and their value doubled towards the purchase of locally grown produce.  As a result, great things happened in Overtown, and our local family farmers we support at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink had an incentive to sell their product to those who need it most.

We would warmly welcome the type of code change that will allow small farmers markets the opportunity to bring locally grown foods into food desert communities like Overtown and Liberty City, and all Miami neighborhoods for that matter, to the benefit of community members who appreciate affordable access to healthier food choices.

We appreciate your continued support of this project and are positive about its future.


Michael, Michel, Jackie, and the Wholesome Wave/Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink teams

4 thoughts on “Fresh, Local Produce. For Everyone.

  1. I posted on Commissioner Sarnoff’s Facebook Wall last night and sent an email to
    Commissioner Dunn this AM, as well, urging them to take whatever measures necessary to insure the Farmers Markets continue to thrive in these long neglected neighborhoods. Fingers crossed, we’ll see some positive action.
    Love you guys : )

  2. Thank you Myra for your action and support. The City government needs to hear more from folks like you!
    Love right back at ya,

  3. The market has been a wonderful food source of fresh, local and wholesome produce for the folks living in the area plus a wonderful incentive for the farmers, a double winner – did someone say we need to create jobs? – this is certainly doing that as well. It is most unfortunate that we, the taxpayers have to become activists in order to protect ourselves and do good things for others and our community – it’s almost as if the government prefers to work against us rather than with us. Please let me know how we can help and assist the commissioners in getting this back up and running again.
    Keep up the good work.
    Alice Pena
    PNS Farms

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