Ode Yeah Baby: Genuine Poetry for O, Miami Festival

The writing's on the wall at MGFD in April.

Some may be inclined to typecast poetry as highbrow, only for the academic elite. The O, Miami Festival, which opened yesterday with a ceremony at the Adrienne Arsht Center and will run the rest of April, aims to debunk such preconceptions about the written word by casting type across the city for public consumption.  At Michael’s request, Miami poet Campbell McGrath has penned an original poem for a wall in our main dining room to celebrate and support the program.  Artist Ben Stewart of Sign Language Miami, whose clients include rapper Pitbull and Design Miami, installed the Ode to the Mother Tongue today.  It should inspire some lively dinner conversation, and perhaps poetry of your own about, for example, tonight’s special pork meatball pasta.  The festival is the brainchild of Scott Cunningham, director of Wynwood University and a John S. and James L. Knight Foundation grant recipient thanks to humanitarian (and winemaker, among other things!) Dennis Scholl.  Scott seeks to make every Miami-Dade resident encounter a poem during National Poetry Month, from dropping poems from a plane to yelling poetry from a megaphone. Visit its website for more information, including events calendar, and come by the restaurant to experience Campbell’s poem in its entirety.

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